Call 250 countries with many countries UNDER 1¢ PER MINUTE - Rates shown below are the lowest rates per minute available for 
that country.  Please click on the links above for English or Spanish to check on the rates of the country you which to call.  Below are examples 
of some of our lowest rates when calling from the United States or Canada. 
Agentina .08¢
Australia 1.5¢
Brazil 1¢
Canada 0.8¢
China 0.8¢
Columbia 1.1¢
Dom.  Rep. 1.8¢
France .09¢
Germany 1.5¢
Greece 1¢
Hong Kong 1.8¢
Hungray 1.9¢
India 0.9¢
Ireland 0.9¢
Israel 1.3¢
Italy 1.5¢
Mexico .07¢
Peru 1¢
Russia 0.8¢
So. Korea 1¢
So Africa 3¢
Spain 1.5¢
Sweden 1.8¢

mm 10+Years representing Tel3
Ever since the beginning in 2004, Cheap Global 
Calls™ has worked hand and hand with them, 
first as consultants, then as distributors and 
we stand behind their products 100%.

TEL3 has been developing and maintaining state-of-the-art communication systems, hardware, and apps ensuring customers have quality phone call connections to over 250 countries including the U.S.
Plans last up to one full year
Whether your using our long distance 
service or making international calls, you 
have up to one year to use our plan. 
With no additional fees, your only paying 
for minutes you use!
Call direct from your cell phone
You can now use your TEL3 account and 
make direct calls from your cell phone with 
TEL3 Apps. Use your contacts or speed dial 
list to make pin-less International calls from 
your cell phones.

Features & Benefits

Check out our amazing features and benefits and learn how you can use our service from any phone.  Learn about our calling features and how 
too monitor your saving.  Read about our online management program and how you can keep track of your balance and remaining minutes, set 
up sub accounts for family members or business associates. 

Clean, transparent and trusted. You will get the cleanest rates in the market, period! No gimmicks or any hidden fees. Check our rates page for details
All calls are billed in one-minute increments. You’ll have real-time access to call and billing records. We’re also proud to be a trusted company for over 
17 years and to have an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB).  Learn More

Introducing the TEL3 Network

Now you can start using TEL3 from many countries. Whether you are traveling or have a friend or family in one of these countries that you may 
recommend TEL, you will always save. Simplicity meets savings.  Learn More

Save more with International Access Numbers

International calling has never been easier and more affordable. By partnering with the best international long distance providers we are able to offer 
great call quality with the lowest rates in the market. Call from any landline or cell phone and make calling even easier with our free iPhone and Cell 
Phone apps that dial directly from your address book with no add-on fees!

With International access numbers you pay only a couple cents a minute even for cell phone calls. All you have to do is to give the access numbers 
to your family abroad and have them call you back. It is much cheaper to call the U.S. or Canada. Same easy features, same convenience for much 
less.  Learn More

Reviewed by confirmed purchaser
German Boscatto -  Great service, prompt attention and email responses.
.I'm very satisfied with the service, and also with customer service whether on the phone or emails they respond fast. I was 
using Skype and I was a little afraid to switch to Tel3 but now I don't regret it. Their rates are the lowest I've seen 
around.  Give them a try it's worth it, you wont regret it either.
Misa Belencan - I switched companies skeptical as to what was different about tel3. I quickly found out there 
were no monthly charges as well as no connection charge. My old bill would be $40 for example. 1/2 would be just fees and
1/2 would be the actual calls charged. The representative I spole with spent probably 30 minute explaining everything and 
signing me up. Making sure I have a toll free access number and everything. The best thing of all is I can call from any phone 
not just my house phone. 
And I can add several numbers who can benefit to use tel3. Not to mention the app. It's like tel3 is so advanced compared to 
my previous provider. I also have the text alerts so every once in a while there is a special for 20% more minutes. Overall 
satisfied is just an understatement of tel3. Keep it up folks and ill be sure to recommend others. 
Matt Viazmensky - Good prices, easy to use, excellent support. 
Hermanta Mozumdar - I was pleased having the info I had wanted when I called. The staff listened to my 
questions relating to the promotional item plus my renewal, which I charged to my Chase/VISA card--$25.00.  I was pleased 
having received the confirmation by email once the transaction was completed.  Everything was done very professionally. 
Dorel Ciornei - I have been using Tel3 for over three years.  So far I have no complains about them. 
The couple times that I called customer service, I was surprised how fast they answered the phone and the customer service people seemed to be in USA (they had no Indian accent and it was obvious that they didn't read answers from a screen, but actually unders-
tood what I was saying and helped right on the spot).  The prices are just as good as they get.
The service offers some things that were absolutely critical to me: - the possibility to register several cell phones from which we can 
call. This gives us the option to call from our cell phones internationally, while only using 'local' unlimited minutes on our cell phone 
plan. - easy access, in which regard they offer several local phone numbers in each area code that you can call to access the system.
Clear calls just like from land lines.
Sacho Zoxtario - Smooth...'wicked'....Tel3... a business on its own...
Setting-up Tel3 is quite simple and its speed dial tool holds true forever it seems. I have tried different solutions in the 
pastbut can tell you, ...none of the previous systems performed as well. You'll be able to call most countries and many others in 
the foreseeable future. This my friend is awesome and I highly recommend it, keep it basic. Tel3 will do the rest.
Theodore Liang - We read the website including the legal agreement section before opening an account. Instruction 
is easy to follow for opening an account and for making long distance phone calls. Their website tells account holders about the 
duration of each call and the balance remaining for future use. The connection to Europe was as clear as that when calling via AT&T 
line.  We recommend.  Without any reservation, using Tel3 for anyone who has to call overseas from time to time.
Driss Kada - Tel3 is the best.  Great transaction and custumer service is helpful. Rate is very cheap.
Felix Debruin - Great service, I always use it to speak to family in South Africa at a great rate and a clear connection.

Cheap Global Calls™ is an authorized distributor for Tel3™.  We worked hand and hand with them in the beginning as consultants and stand behind their 
products 100%. They’re a 5 star company with quality phone service for residential, business and mobile phones, plus excellent customer care.  We endorse and 
promote the Tel3 10-10 Saving Plan.  CGC been offering an alterative to the major phone carriers since 1998 and in the case of Tel3™, their 
rates are lower than Skype 80% of the time!
 Corporate Facility - TEL3 - 1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd - Suite 408, Hallandale Beach, FL. 33009