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m Cheap Global Calls: .Cheap Global Calls is an authorized distributor for Tel3 and has worked has a consultant and affiliate for them since
2004.  We were instrumental in taking their company from zero to 2.6 million dollars a month and signing up over 100,000 customers in
less than a year.  We have set up an independent rewards program that gives away free restaurant gift certificates and weekly rewards 
upon sign up.  This unique rewards program will continue as long as the customer remains a client of Tel3.
m Free Phone Minutes: .When selecting one of our prepaid calling plans, we want to get you off to a good start.  We will give you a bonus of $10 to $25 worth 
of free minutes just for signing up and using our super low rates.  Our $10 plan gives $10, our $25 plan gives you $12, our $50 plan gives you $18, our $100
gives you a WHOOPING $26 in free minutes.  What are you waiting for? Sign up today!
m Long Distance and International Calling: .Tel3's "10-10 Savings Plan" offers great rates on domestic instate and state to 
state calling along with the best international rates in the industry.  Domestic long distance within the U.S. at 1¢ and Canada at 0.8¢ per 
minute and international rates as low as 0.7¢ per minute.  You receive some of the lowest rates in the industry, plus free minutes,
free restaurant gift certificate and discount rewards.  Use at home, in the office or while traveling from a landline or mobile phone.
m Inbound International Calls: .Now you can receive inbound calls from family, students, business associates and friends from thrifty.............................................
different countries for just 2¢ per minute.  Imagine, you can call them and they can call you on the same plan.  Example; You live 
in the U.S. or Canada and have relatives or business associates in Mexico.  You call them 24 hours a day for less than a penny per 
minute and they can call you for only 2¢ per minute.  Mobile phone rates are ONLY 4.6¢ per minute.
m Top Ups:.If you have family or business associates in other countries, now you can sign them up in the U.S. or Canada and pay.......................................
for their phone service.  Send recharge to your friends and family abroad. Recharge, reload, top up mobile minutes, send credit 
airtime and mobile credit.  It's simple, create your account in less than a minute.  Fill in the recharge numbers, choose the amount 
you want send, pay and send your top up.  Then call (for free) and tell them you top up their balance.
m Online Management:.Our Online customer account management is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can check all your account
details online.  You will be able to view your credit card charges, balance and run reports to see your call history.  Every time you make a call, our 
system will promptly tells you your account balance and the minutes will have available for the destination you wish to call.  Call tracking allows you
to track up to ten phone numbers in real time, so you always know how much money you're spending and the amount of minutes your using.  No
more surprises when your monthly bill arrives!  No taxes or add on fees, you only pay for the minutes you use!
Mexican Rates:..We have what we consider the best phone rates to and from Mexico.  From the U.S. and Canada our outbound rates starting at 0.7¢ 
per minute for landlines and 4.6¢ per minute for mobile phones are some of the same rates in the industry.  Now we have two other plans
that benefit our customers, Mexican residents can call the U.S. and Canada for just 2¢ per minute and family members in the U.S. and Canada 
can sign up their relatives in Mexico and recharge their phone bills, so there is no cost to their relatives.
Canadian Rates: With are 10-10 Savings plan, call Canada from the US for 0.8¢ per minute or call within CAnada for the same low rate.
Recharge, reload, top up mobile minutes, send credit airtime and mobile credit.  It's simple, create your account in less than a minute. 
Fill in the recharge numbers, choose the amount you want send, pay and send your top up.  Then call (for free) and tell them you top up 
their balance. 
nn Features and benefits: Check out our amazing features and benefits and learn how you can use our service from any phone.  Learn about our 
calling features and how too monitor your saving.  Read about our online management program and how you can keep track of your balance 
and remaining minutes, set up sub accounts for family members or business associates.  .................................................................................................
Cheap Global Calls™ is an authorized distributor for Tel3™.  We worked hand and hand with them in the beginning as consultants and stand behind their
products 100%. They’re a 5 star company with quality phone service for residential, business and mobile phones, plus excellent customer care.  We
endorse andpromote the Tel3 10-10 Saving Plan.  CGC been offering an alterative to the major phone carriers since 1998 and in the case of Tel3™,
their rates are lower than Skype 80% of the time!
Corporate Facility - TEL3 Advantage - 1250 E Hallandale Beach Blvd - Suite 408, Hallandale Beach, FL. 33009